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Disclaimer: Please note that the Crutch Store product(s) shown in the picture are not necessarily exactly like the product being sold but are shown as an example only.

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Crutch Tips by Award Prosthetics

Esenium Xavi-Tac & Tac 55 Mountain Crutch Tips

Essium Crutch Tips

  • The Esenium flexibility of its rubber and its flat and bigger base gives a better adaption on different types of grounds, wet surfaces, even in the sand on the beach. Its design is especially efficient in absorbing shock, reducing the typical injuries, aches and sores, of elbows and shoulders of crutch users. Averagely, the Esenium tip lasts three or four times longer than the typical crutch tips.
  • Our crutch tips are made of natural rubber with a special steel insert and do not only protect canes or crutches against wear, but also offer a secure fit. The ring profile offers good grip and greater stability when walking.
  • Suitable for all crutches or canes with 19 mm tube diameter
  • Rubber cap with steel insert


  • Bottom Diameter Dimension : TAC55 5.5 cms. or 2.25 inches
    XAVI-TAC: 8.5 cms. or 3.25 inches
  • Inside diameter: 19 mm
  • tread diameter: 40 mm
  • Height: 55 mm
  • Weight: 64 g
  • Material: Rubber (natural rubber) with steel inlay

Colours - Black, Blue, Grey

Xavi-Tac - $60.00/pair + Shipping and Handling

Color Options

TAC-55 - $30/pr + Shipping and Handling


Tornado Crutch Tips


  • Tornado tips are hand-asembled in a 12 step process using the best  quality natural rubber with only 10% clay mixed in as versus 40-60% clay with other major brands. Encapsulated inside each tip is a thick pad of Absorbalite shock absorbing gel polymer. 

  • With regular crutch tips, up to three times your body weight is cast upon your shoulders
    with each step you take. This "crutch shock" not only tires you out day to day but over the long-haul destroys cartilage, bone, tendons and nerves. Tornado tips help protect you from these deleterious effects.

$65/pair + Shipping and Handling

Fetterman Performance Gel Crutch Tips

75.00/pair + Shipping and Handling


Fetterman Tornado Rain Tips


$95.00/pair + Shipping and Handling


Ossenberg No Slip Crutch Tips


  • Articulated-bend at 'neck' to help maintain contact with ground

  • Large, 'nubby' pad aids traction on slippery surfaces (square or round options available)

  • Excellent for use on pool decks, etc

$90.00/pair + Shipping and Handling


Fetterman Ice Tips

  • Works on the same principle as studded snow tires.

  • Provides effective protection from slipping and falling on icy surfaces.

    Easily installation, no tools necessary.     Available in 3 sizes, fits tips up to :

  1. 1 and 3/8 inches                  
  2. · 2 inches
  3. · 2 and 3/8  inches.

$65.00/pair + Shipping and Handling


Back by Popular Demand. Sherpa Tips!!

  • The ‘Original Sherpa’ Safety (Multi-Angle) Design

  • Fits Crutches 16mm - 22mm

  • Originally designed for use in mountain climbing, the‘Narrow Neck’ design ’pivots’ the tip base to allow the tips
    to maintain contact with the ground even when on uneven terrain or when crutches are held at an angle.

  • The ’suction cup’ design of the base provides superior traction even when on slippery or wet surfaces.

16mm Grey $ 16.95cad per pair
22mm Grey $ 19.95cad per pair
25mm Black $ 21.95cad per pair

Shipping and Handling

Size/Color Option


Euro Studded Winter Tips w/Rubber Cap 

  • 6 rounded metal studs are integrated into the tip bottom to provide slip reduction on snow and ice.

  • SImply place cap over top when going indoors or onto dry ground

$60.00/pair + Shipping and Handling

Euro Winter Tip with Receding Ice Picks

  • Can be used as a regular tip and as an Ice Pick because of 4 very pointed spikes which can be released by lowering the lever. To retract spikes, simply flip the lever back up

  • Tips come with various inserts in order to retrofit to various sizes of crutch/cane tubes.

$110.00 per pair + Shipping and Handling

Kowsky Standard Replacement Crutch Tips

$18.00/pair +Shipping and Handling