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Tony Van der Waarde

Award Prosthetics Philosophy

Owner and chief prosthetist, Tony van der Waarde, CP(c), is professionally trained and well versed in virtually every aspect of prosthetic fittings. Tony has been certified since 1975 and has continually kept up with significant educational components, taking numerous courses, attending many conferences & conventions around the world.

Products and techniques utilized at Award Prosthetics are a balanced combination of tried & true practices mixed with state of the art technology and materials along with a great deal of common sense.

What may be the right solution or components for one client may not necessarily be right for another - even if they have the same type of amputation.

Amputee Testimonial of Brian Downie, Dawson Creek , BC – KD Amputee since 2003

It was 2002. Brian was quite comfortable. He was happily married, approaching middle age with grown children and living in Dawson Creek , BC . He was a Chartered Account and had his own accounting business which was doing well. He loved his work, his family, his clients and life in the North.

Then one day on the way home from working out of town - meeting a client - boom! In one moment his life would be transformed. Just like most traumatic events, it only takes one tiny moment to create havoc and alter everything.

Amputee GolferWhile recovering from the accident four months would pass. His crushed lower limb was not healing and he decided to take some affirmative action. Before his amputation, a knee disarticulation, Brian did some research in order to finalize his decision on an amputation and to choose the right prosthetist. On the internet he found and interviewed (by phone) at least 3 prosthetists. Tony was the only one who had something different to say. “First of all he listened to what I had to say! It seemed like we had a good working professional relationship right away. I could relate to him as I could to my own clients.” He found Tony to be a very caring person and one with whom he felt would be the best fit for him. “For one thing, he told me about the IPOP which he researched after our first talk. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out that this is the optimal procedure.” Tony flew up to Dawson Creek & was in the OR for the surgery & to apply the IPOP. Within a couple of days Brian was walking on his temporary prosthesis! He doesn't look back nowadays. Words of advice: “Amputees have to keep their own best interests in mind when dealing with their medical team. Do your homework and don't let anyone steer you in the wrong direction because of their desires.”

Brian and Tony have worked together to find all the solutions needed for his care. He is doing all the same activities that he did prior to becoming an amputee – hasn't let anything get the best of him. During the accident, Brian also sustained a head injury. This resulted in an early retirement and the sale of his accounting practice. Now a grandfather, he is free to travel to visit the little ones. The 5 year old granddaughter is just becoming interested in this 'new to her' appendage of her grandfather. It will be fun to see how this story unfolds.