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Neoprene Paddings and Grips for Underarm Crutches

Neoprene Handgrip Sleeves - $25/pair

Crutch Handgrip Sleeves

Crutch Handgrip Sleeve

For many people who use crutches full-time for mobility,hand problems arise from long term pressure and friction.Most of our clients now use (soft) urethane anatomically handgrips which create an orthopedically correct fit. The weight distribution is covering the entire user hand evenly which prevents or relieves such problems as Carpal, Tunnel Syndrome, Dermatitis, Tendinitis, Blisters and Sweating. In some cases where Individuals are still getting calluses or friction “burns”, the provision of the neoprene sleeves have been extremely beneficial. This product consists of a 3mm thick neoprene tube, 11cm long, materials used for diving suits, creating comfort and durability.


Neoprene Paddings for Underarm Crutches - $25

Crutch Paddings

Crutch Paddings

The urethane underarm pads that are provided with all underarm crutches are rough, sticky and fall apart after a short period of usage, causing discomfort inside the upperarms and chest wall. Our neoprene underarm paddings are 3mm thick, are far more comfortable and durable. The underarm paddings can be used as a cover over the damaged pads and can easily be removed for washing when necessary.

Neoprene Paddings & Sleeves (1 pair each) - $40

Crutch Covers